Ocean Outdoor LEDs, Holland Park Roundabout, London

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

These have been up ages so we never understand what prompts a vendor to (suddenly) do a press release (other than imminent shows) – we first wrote about these almost 5 months ago Note to PR agencies; we live in a web 2.0, almost permanently connected world – why wait for ages before getting information out into the big wide world!!


Anyway, here we see confirmation that the three large Ocean Outdoor LEDs at London’s Westfield shopping centre are from Lighthouse. The software running them by the way is from AMX / Inspired Signage.

Simon Taylor, general manager of Lighthouse’s UK and Northern Europe office told us “Working with Ocean, we have been able to supply a solution which is ideal for the site and which more than satisfies both their and Westfield’s extremely high standards.”

Content on the screen includes Westfield opening times, advertising for retail outlets within the centre and advertisements for other attractions in the London area.

Facing the major Holland Park roundabout, where the busy A402 and A3220 intersect, the three large 12 by 4 panels (12.24m (w) x 3.04m (h) each) R16i/o 16mm outdoor screens, housed in a gigantic, standalone rectangular structure, provide an extremely eye-catching display to a captive audience of thousands of drivers per day as they negotiate the roundabout.

2 Responses to “Ocean Outdoor LEDs, Holland Park Roundabout, London”

  1. Bekky Says:


    Im the designer who created these screens……

    Ive never gone to see them in person but looking at that picture is quite inspiring!

    Well done everyone at Icion and AMX!

    woop woop!

  2. Caroline Says:

    Kudos to you Bekky. It looks awesome! Maybe you should make a plan to go see your work more often!


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