Gwen Stefani Harajuku Roadshow

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We really liked this touchscreen Karaoke booth put together by signagelive reseller Lime IT & Media Solutions Ltd and currently on tour around the UK (mostly during the weekends).


It’s for the new HLFragrance by Gwen Stefani (the brand is run by Coty) and the karaoke booth contains a touch screen solution that allows users to record a specific Gwen Stefani track, view it online on the Harajuku website as well as transfer it to a mobile.

It’s part of a wider Coty initiated nationwide in-store marketing push created by retail design
consultancy The Attic Room

The range is aimed at the teenage market and includes a series of five characters, each with a different fragrance.

You can see the booth here…

  • Debenhams Oxford Circus w/e 30.1
  • Debenhams Oxford Circus w/e 6.2
  • Boots Sedley Place (Oxford St) w/e 13.2
  • Boots Lakeside w/e 20.2
  • Boots Brent Cross w/e 27.2
  • Boots Bluewater w/e 6.3
  • Boots Cribbs Causeway w/e 13.3
  • Boots Cardiff w/e 20.3
  • Boots Trafford Centre w/e 27.3
  • Boots Manchester (Town Centre) w/e 3.4
  • Boots Metro Centre w/e 10.4
  • Boots Newcastle w/e 17.4

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