Intel Retail Client Manager Software

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As expected, industry strategist and visionary of all things ‘visual retail’ and ‘customer experience’ Jose Avalos, err Jose’s words not ours, announced the Intel Retail Client Manager Software in his Webinar Thursday June 27, 2013.

intel rcm 470

RCM stands for ‘Retail Client Manager’, it will be sold as a managed service via a couple of distributors (see below), it’s based on the recently acquired Ryarc solution (though that was NOT mentioned in the Webinar) and the aim is that the Ryarc CMS becomes the central point for ALL of Intel’s retail solutions including AIM Suite of course. We had the usual bulls*** about building an eco-system and the software becoming an industry standard. Jose even had the balls to say that OPS had been a resounding success and was now the de facto digital standard thanks to Intel.

With Intel’s Retail Solution Division unable to take AIM Suite to the next level what chance do you think they have of making any impact with their digital signage content management software solution?

Digital signage solutions based on Intel RCM are available through Avnet Embedded and Seneca. Subscription base price for Intel RCM is USD 16.95 per month, per player, billed annually.

If ISV’s didn’t believe that Intel was going to compete against them in the retail digital signage software segment, then they ought to think again.

4 Responses to “Intel Retail Client Manager Software”

  1. Andreas Groff Says:

    Your constant pandering to Intel denigrates the efforts and contributions of the many struggling companies in the industry. It does not go unnoticed, Adrian. It seems obvious that they have paid you a retainer to get the whole DailyDOOH banner for days and constant coverage both here and on Twitter. I suppose you shined Jose’s shoes and ghost-wrote his webinar pitch as well. What a sell-out! What is next, Ryarc to the Top 10?

  2. Pragmatist Says:

    I look forward to their no doubt upcoming $99 Android player running on ARM, rather than a $5000 Core i7 Xeon Unobtanium running Windows 8 SP12

  3. Marko Says:

    A triumph of style over substance delivered by a Napoleonic titan. Moving right on to setting a date in my calendar to review its forecast demise.

  4. MediMarketing Guru Says:

    Wow, we already have the $99.00 Android Player and our RCM is not only easier to use and access, but offers true interactivity with multiple users at the same time at a better price point! Another one, a day late, a dollar short!

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