Ayuda Adds Route Support to Cerebro

Maddie Cotterill

Ayuda Media Systems has officially added support for audited demographic audience data collected by Route, the UK’s OOH audience measurement association.

logo routeAyuda, makers of the world’s most sophisticated media operations platform for Outdoor and D/OOH networks, recently unveiled Cerebro, a revolutionary media planning and optimization tool specifically designed for Outdoor operators to maximize occupancy rates, during the planning, proposal, and booking phases of the media sales workflow.

Cerebro is a mathematical optimization engine that takes prioritized goal inputs such as reach, frequency, opportunities to see, panel amount goals, geographical location goals as well as any manner of audience audited data, and delivers a plan that optimizes over those targets. Cerebro uses various mathematical optimization and meta heuristic techniques to combine these disparate goals and output an optimal plan.

A major benefit to Outdoor operators is that Ayuda has developed its own set of web services around the data collected by Route, which simplifies the consumption of Route data. This means that all UK Outdoor operators who wish to license and use the Route data to enhance their media plans, proposals, and campaign scheduling, may do so easily and with automatic updates to the latest data sets, by consuming Ayuda’s web services, which is what CerebroTM calculates and delivers.

Ayuda originally unveiled Cerebro in May 2013 at the OAAA convention with full support for North America’s TAB audience metrics such as TRPs. With the addition of Ayuda’s Web Services that consume Route’s proprietary measurements and survey data, all UK Outdoor operators can now create optimized media plans based on the latest set of data that Route provides to its licensees, neatly packaged and delivered automatically through Route enabled CerebroTM , as a plugin to their existing sales, inventory, and charting systems. CerebroTM acts as both a simplified conduit of the data, as well as an advanced artificial intelligence engine that uses the data to prepare optimized plans based on the operator’s own business rules.

Andreas Soupliotis, Ayuda’s President and CEO, further elaborates: “Cerebro is an algorithmic engine that takes the audited Route data, and now provides a real-time web service to deliver the data to the operator. The data is then referenced against a set of objectives and parameters from the operator in order to create an optimized plan across all campaign goals. CerebroTM inputs an unlimited number of parameters and objectives, including audience demographics, multiple specific geographic constraints, and the operator’s own business rules. Cerebro then outputs a set of candidate media plans that match the campaign objectives, ranked in order of maximum amount of objectives achieved, while also using the operator’s own business logic to ensure that the same “favorite” panels are not always selected.”

Soupliotis continues: “Route provides a variety of advanced metrics for the UK operator to use when optimizing audience based plans. For example, the data supports dynamic frames, both traditional scrolling and digital. Special adjustments are made for per-contact visibility statistics dependent on loop length and frame size. Illumination, time of day, monthly weighted daylight averages, are all included to provide precise and accurate data. Route also fully supports transit, using GPS surveys and even transit rider eye tracking. All these elements are included and calculated by CerebroTM to provide as much granularity as possible for the operator to create meaningful and accurate audience based plans.

By crunching all these objectives against the operator’s own actual inventory while using their business rules as guidance, Cerebro assists the operator’s sales executives and chartists to propose and pick inventory that precisely meets campaign objectives, and ultimately assists in maximizing occupancy.”

Cerebro powered by Route for UK operators is available to any outdoor operator as web services that plug into the operator’s existing set of inventory management tools, or as an optional add-on to Ayuda’s own platform which manages all elements of the media sales, operations, and execution workflow.

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