Help Set The DiSi Standard

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Digital Place-based Advertising Association is taking action to create an escalating standards scale of digital place-based platform capabilities to help creative agencies and marketers best realize the potential of our medium.

“Content producers require an intuitive way to understand the features, formats and APIs available to them on digital place-based networks,” said Daniel Parisien, vice-president of marketing and strategy for BroadSign and chair of the DPAA’s Technology Committee. “They also need a means of identifying the adoption levels of said capabilities to determine how compatible their campaigns will be with today’s networks. These requirements are barriers to innovation and restrict the excitement agencies could and should feel about digital place-based.”

The DPAA is thus developing the DiSi interoperability standard (pronounced ‘dizzy’ and short for digital signage) to establish a common language among players in the industry. DiSi will be defined by a survey of DPAA members, as well as networks and technology providers beyond the organization.

The survey has a simple group of 20 questions (with simple check-off ‘always’, ‘sometimes’, or ‘never’ answers on your network, screen configuration, content loop, interactivity and connectivity.

So if you are a network or technology provider, even if you do not belong to the DPAA, you are are being asked to take this quick (five minute) survey and contribute to the industry-changing initiative.

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