World’s largest video wall proposed for Manchester

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last June Dave Russell’s Property Alliance Group gained permission to erect, what would be the world’s largest video wall on its proposed 18 storey ‘Axis’ development in central Manchester.

The plan was to erect a screen 12 metres x 51 metres (12 meters wide by 51 meters tall – so a portrait style screen much like City Gateway Media’s)

Rumour is that Smartslab / Titan / Avanti Screen Media are proposing to work together on the display (I am sorry I am not going to call it a ‘video wall’).

Last year the developers were asking for UK PDS 1.5 Million a year for 10 years. That’s some revenue to get back.

Work has only just started on the Axis building and it won’t be up for another 12 – 18 months we suspect.

FYI. Smartslab technology is low resolution LED built into a honeycomb mechanical structure which gives structural strength, i.e. you get ‘slabs’ that can be built directly into a structure!

The technology has the side effects of light homogenisation and extra reflective surfaces and so typically there’s quite poor sunlight rejection.

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