Architects Take Note

Alex Hughes

Over the weekend we unveiled for a London client of ours a rather large MicroTiles install.

Not good enough, a typical CRT gamut

Not good enough, a typical CRT gamut

It’s a curved screen in their reception area made up of 52 MicroTiles. Whilst it’s not as large as LSE it’s pretty big in the general scheme of things and we needed both a Vista Spyder and a Scala system to run it.

The point of my writing (the client will decide on their own of course, whether they do any PR around the install) is to remind people just how good MicroTiles are at colour matching.

If we ever get to release pictures or video of what we deployed, you will see that the MicroTiles’ gamut range is so good that we perfectly matched content on the display to that of the wall (that the display was part of). When the MicroTiles are ‘off’ (they are not ‘off’ of course, they are simply colour matched) it looks like the display isn’t there – it blending seamlessly into the background.

We are currently working with an architect on another, much larger system, where they are looking to take full advantage of this ‘feature’ – now you see them, now you don’t!

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