Pixman Wearable Media Solutions

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Adwalker have been getting most of the press recently what with their (very visual) attendance at football and rugby grounds up and down the United Kingdom, but those folks at Pixman are not taking it lying down.

In a recent briefing session with them, we learnt that Pixman in the UK…

  1. are in the final stage of a new website design which will see a much more transparent approach to current / past activity for Pixman (and Kommando – the folks who distribute and sell for them here)
  2. Pixman UK had billings exceeding £500,000 in year 2007
  3. About to launch two new add-on technologies (see below)
  4. Plans to open up a London office

In Q4 2007 Pixman delivered campaigns that included…

  • Nokia promoting the new N95 8GB in London
  • Chanel, launching Keira Knightley as the new face of Chanel in Paris, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York
  • THQ – Wireless gaming incorporating Nintendo Wii’s and THQ games such as Bratz, Ratatouille, Disney Pixar Cars, Avatar at London shopping centres.
  • Glasgow City Council – build up, announcement and celebration of Glasgow winning the Commonwealth Games bid as well as the promotion of Radiance – Glasgow’s international Festival of Light.

The two new add-on technologies have been described to us as: –

PixPic – allows the brand ambassador (the person wearing the screen) to capture images of the consumer and display them on the Pixman screen. These can then be branded and instantly emailed to the participant – it’s likely also that captured images could be sent to a large fixed screen at the event (so participants become part of a giant mosaic)

MobKom – a Java based platform launched from the Pixman that puts the clients icon on the end users’ mobile device and provides an ability to ‘wake up’ the phone by sending content such as news and offers at no cost to the end user.


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