Twitter 5,473 vs Blog 6,466

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Our twitter followers continue to grow, and we currently stand at 5,473 – a number we are particularly proud of and we hope we add some kind of value to everyone who follows us).

Meanwhile, unlike many other so-called industry portals (we are thinking primarily of van scrapings here) we continue to prune our subscriber database, getting rid of returned emails and deleting bot accounts that have managed to get through our anti-spam defences) intent on posting spam comments on our site).

Our subscriber database is currently 6,466 but we expect that to shrink a little further in the coming weeks.

One day, we may even have some sort of parity – one twitter account per subscriber, you never know 😉

Meanwhile, as we approach our 6th Birthday (July 26th) we thank each and every one of our followers and readers.

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