Digital Signage – a Brand Building or a Promotional Tool?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Trust me, this is what Barnaby Page is incredibly good at – organising, chairing (and managing) lively debates. He was superb at Digital Signage Asia doing exactly that and he will be at it again soon at Screen Expo Europe.

The debate will be held in Theatre B (The Advertising Centre) at 11:00 to 12:00 on 6th February 2008.

The debate will revolve around the role of Digital Signage in direct marketing and brand building programs.

The panelists are: –

  • Guy Cheston, Advertising and Sales Promotion Director of Harrods
  • Mick Nash, Managing Director, Sedley Place
  • Jon Lewen, Head of Sales, Active, CBS Outdoor
  • Gary Madgwick, CTO, ScreenRed

The ‘platform’ (is that the right term for a debate?) is can Digital Signage be used to build a brand – or is it essentially a direct marketing tool.

Is it most effective directed at the consumer at the critical point of decision in a sales outlet or is it the answer to the increasing fragmentation of the established media channels?

Each panelist will briefly represent his views on the platform and then the discussion will be thrown open to the floor.

Should be interesting!

One Response to “Digital Signage – a Brand Building or a Promotional Tool?”

  1. Unabashed Opportunist Says:

    In marketing, there are three core tenets.
    Digital Signage can support each. They are:

    1. Brand Awareness
    2. Sales Lead Generation
    3. Sales Enablement

    Sales enablement enablement is as important as any other tenet. After all, people close the sale, so they’d better have reasonable training and education to do so.

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