How NEC Display Solutions Launched VUKUNET

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The most common question we have been getting from network owners these past few months is how we think VUKUNET is doing.

From a PR perspective, NEC Display Solutions has been pretty quiet about it, either having nothing to say or much more likely, simply going about doing business – especially as we hear of a number of pilots ongoing (especially in Europe) and transactions moving through their system.

Two things publicly we do know though are, that:

  1. VUKUNET have a new promotional video up on their YouTube account (also see above)
  2. We’ve persuaded Pierre Richer, President, NEC Display Solutions North America to do a warts and all presentation, entitled ‘A Corporate Startup: How we launched VUKUNET‘ at The DailyDOOH Investor Conference in NYC, October. Pierre told us “Many people understand how to get private equity funding, but for many, it will be a first hearing how a conservative 115 year old Japanese, handed over millions of dollars to a non domestic business unit”. Not only that, he added “and all to try and create a new business with a technology that didn’t exist while being a total departure from it’s core business”.

3 Responses to “How NEC Display Solutions Launched VUKUNET”

  1. Jason Cremins Says:

    Please can Pierre or Dirk confirm if they now support integration with CMS platforms through an API or any other means other than Flash?

    Over 50% of the devices connected to Signagelive are now non-PC devices that do not support Flash and with our Samsung Smart Signage Display support we expect this to increase further.

    I like Vukunet as a platform, and would like to integrate it with Signagelive, but unless it can deliver media without using Flash, then it’s not viable.

  2. Geof Jones Says:

    VUKUNET works on Wallflower CMS perfectly as Wallflower plays ALL formats not propriety codecs or players.

    I think it is a great platform – needs to be adopted by the Ad agencies a bit more – Like any network its only the large networks which will work.

    Small ones will not get a look in and that what VUKUNET is all about – share and win together

  3. Cheukshin Says:

    Since the honourable Mr. Cremins knows the answer to his question, thoughtful people might enquire as to his purpose in posting a rhetorical comment. Perhaps it was to see his name online, or to repeat his silly little mantra once again like a trained parrot. Somebody give him a cracker for the fine performance.

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