There’s No Place 4 European Sign Expo @FESPA / @Michael_E_Ryan

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I’m not sure how hand-on-heart FESPA’s exhibition mangler Michael E. Ryan has the audacity to ask our industry to exhibit at the next so-called European Sign Expo.

Michael E Ryan, not the other Michael Ryan sells Tumbleweed

Michael E Ryan, not the other Michael Ryan sells Tumbleweed

The last one was nothing short of a no-show attendee disaster offering all those who exhibited, absolutely N.O.T.H.I.N.G of value in return, yet FESPA still have the gall to imagine that they have something to offer err exhibitors and in turn the digital signage industry.

European Sign Expo will might take place at the Messe in Munich, from 20 – 23 May 2014 (if they get any takers for exhibition space) alongside ‘FESPA the large format printing’ event with a focus on POS and outdoor advertising.

We all know how events that move from city to city typically fair, so expecting an event (#ScreenmediaExpo as it was) that was established in London (where at least it had a fighting chance) to move to Munich is crazy. No doubt the industry will ignore the event and it quite simply won’t happen.

As the last price for booth space was zero, see Roll Up, Roll Up, Free Booth Space! there is obviously some negotiation on price anyway!

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  1. Geof Jones Says:

    In A nutshell, our observations from European Sign Expo

    1. the name stated it was bigger that it was – perhaps cornershop sign expo is a better description

    2. Fespa used the same marketing team and clearly don’t understand Dooh industry, I know many big manufacturers who didn’t know about the show.

    3. the show was put in the naughtboy corner of a mamouth Print show – with the convergence of Digital Signage and traditional – should be a seamless open integration – Fespa’s effort was an insult to our industry

    4. I think Fespa will put some serious money in if for next year and if they listen to the few visitors and exhibitors – they will get it right – if they think they know best it will be a flop.

    5. ISEurope – nuff said – why have another European show ???

    6. Excel is a shit of a place to get to – I bloody hate the fact Earls court will become a trendy wine bar for Boris Johnson … NEC is the ugly duckling of the exhibition hall industry – no wonder people want to move everything to Europe

    If we had an indication of budget and marketing to the EUser / Corporate re the show I would consider it – but in the UK, or I would just do ISE

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