Castmill HTML5 Digital Signage Software

Andrew Neale

OptimalBits announced this week the release of their HTML5 digital signage player, Castmill for Samsung‘s Smart TVs.

Like many others, OptimalBits wants to revolutionise the player market. Aron Kornhall, Head of Development of OptimalBits told us “We believe that digital signage should be inexpensive and accessible to any small business. If for example a restaurant or barber shop owner wants to install an infotainment network, all they need is a Samsung Smart TV and the Castmill Player app. No additional hardware is necessary and the total cost is just a fraction of more expensive traditional digital signage solutions.”

The new Castmill player for Samsung’s Smart TVs is based on the same code as the original HTML5 based player (and therefore it includes the same features such as streaming of images, videos and PowerPoint playlist creation and programming of playlists into calendars). The app is free and can be installed via Samsung’s US App store.

Manuel Astudillo, CEO of OptimalBits said “This new release is an important milestone in our vision of simplifying the distribution of multimedia to digital screens, as well as providing a new cost-effective and easy to use advertisement channel for small and medium sized business.”

About OptimalBits

OptimalBits is a Swedish software company founded in 2011 specializing in building highly scalable web based solutions for managing and streaming of digital media.

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