NanoLumens? Penn Station, NYC

Andrew Neale

Apparently there is a new very large portrait LED hanging in Penn Station NYC.

It looks extremely like NanoLumens but there is no official word yet from anyone, whose it is and who (media-wise) it belongs to.

Very nice though 😉

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  1. Mike Says:

    Its a Nanolumens double sided 4mil. CBS Outdoor owned and facilitated. Designed by Nanolumens and Diversified Media Group. Integrated and Installed by Diversified Media Group. Content Managed by CBS Outdoor.

    This is in tandem with the digital signage upgrade throughout the facility that incorporates 25 additional locations of a mix of 1×4 55″ screens, standalone 72″ screens, standalone 55″ screens, soffit mounted 55″ screens, and of course the LED that incorporates both digital advertisements and train schedule/service alerting/emergency messaging.

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