It’s Definitely French And Sort-Of Free

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

There is now free digital signage software available from a small French operation, Vitrines Multimedia, well, sort of…

They are offering a ‘lite’ version of their custom software to DYI Digital Signage enthusiasts, which comes free with their logo watermarked all over the place.

The more you pay, the more flexibility you have to remove the logo and replace it with your own. In fact it costs €499 completely devoid of logos. The solution is quite extensive and offers streaming possibilities for Web TV & Radio plus all TV channels available privately via Internet.

The business operation is run by ‘Videos Immo’ and is based on their multimedia in-store packs for provincial estate agents who think that orange and purple is ‘chic’. Based in Lorient, in Brittany, they cater mainly for ‘entry level’ customers who can’t, or don’t want to, afford a professional solution and who feel like having a go at doing it themselves.

The programme was created by Patrice Barrault, amateur VJ and frustrated programmer who was outraged at the prices he thought were being charged for rental programmes and who wanted to offer a simple solution with a one-time fee.

Patrice believes that it is simple enough to be installed & run by a ‘secretary’, which is fine, but then secretaries have long been replaced by ‘assistants’ AND I would insist that mine had been to art school!!

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