DSE Content Day Best Bits

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Bill Gerba’s ‘7 Proven Strategies for Better Digital Signage Results‘ and Phil Lenger’s ‘How to Develop a Great Creative Strategy‘ were EASILY the best presentations of the DSE Content Day.

The day was well moderated (proof if proof were ever needed that a good moderator with market knowledge is essential to a successful conference) BUT there were far too many mediocre presentations. As well as being well organised the day was VERY well attended, we are not sure of the official attendance figures but there were probably 100 – 120 folks in the room.

The day however started poorly with several out of touch agencies making a hash of what was in actual fact quite an innovative idea – responding to a make believe brief for a Samsung notebook advertising campaign.

As Manolo wrote in his post ‘Interpreting The Creative Brief (Or Not)“this first session happened to be the most ‘uncompelling’ part of the creating compelling content day”. Manolo has also written his thoughts of the morning session ‘DSE Content Day – Morning Highlights

Paul Flanigan, Producer at Best Buy was quite good and his presentation would have been relevant to many though at times it morphed into a commentary on video clips (good though they were).

The folks at EWI Worldwide Presents spoke at far too much length about Microsoft Surface and NUI and were totally hung up on technology and, it seems, replacing the mouse. This presentation session wasn’t really suited to a content thread and had no place in the day’s proceedings.

Panel discussions are not for us, with far too many folks on stage all pitching – it’s sometimes difficult to follow what the real topic is and we dipped out before the end of the two panel sessions.

The day would have been worthwhile to the audience purely because of Bill and Phil unselfishly sharing their experience but overall I would have to say that; although the day was far from being a disappointment it did exactly not live up to our high expectations.

Phil Lenger’s presentation from yesterday’s content day is available for download at: http://www.showandtell.com/dooh/dse09lenger.pdf

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