2013 International Scala Conference, Amsterdam

Andrew Neale

Scala always put on a great conference for their partners and select customers (whether it be in Europe or North America) and in a few weeks time Amsterdam is once again the venue for the 2013 International Scala Conference (25-26 September).

They have lined up a great bunch of speakers which include on day one:-

  • Florian Rotberg (Invidis) – State of the European Digital Signage Industry and Outlook 2014
  • Manolo Almagro (TPN) – Re-imagine Retail Marketing (The latest retail engagement trends and what works and what not)
  • Nele Bruers (DOBIT) – How to interact with your audience… How to create a personal interaction with your audience. Engage with your customer or employee.

and on day two: –

  • Marco Burkhardtsmayer – (MuSe Content) – Why In-Store Music Concepts will help you sell more Signage A presentation based on the digital communication success formula for Tom Tailor.
  • Tony Vermont (Ethniks) – The effectiveness of digital communication in Banking

Adrian notes that he has NOT been invited back to speak, has thrown his toys out of the pram, and refuses to go so I’m likely to be the sole DailyDOOH representative over the two days (and looking forward to it).

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