Walmart Network To Close Early 2014

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Izon Media’s (nee PRN) contract to run the Walmart Network ends this Fall, however a retailer would be mad to rip anything out just before Christmas (the ‘Holiday Season’ to you Americans) so we hear that it will stay until January or February 2014 BUT then that will be it.

We are reliably informed that the network, apart from selected ‘end caps’ and some digital shelve edge labelling, will be dismantled. End caps and the shelve edge will almost definitely be run internally (and there is even a hint of an RFP for that).

This very much, looks like the end of the ‘Walmart Smart Network‘.

3 Responses to “Walmart Network To Close Early 2014”

  1. TheGodFather Says:

    Fat lady has sung. At least half of IZON is already looking for another job anyways…2 more gave notice, just this week.

  2. stuart chambers Says:

    Grocery retail was perceived as the key defining market creation opportunity where scale and audience size could drive revenue. Tesco TV was a catalyst, to many who then relentlessly pursued other retailers with varying success. I know that from personal experience at Avanti, Boots, Woolworths and Spar were all considerable deployments with varying levels of success. However it was not until I sat with a senior manager in the Trading dept of Sainsburys who read me my fortune. Its not the big screen we are interested in its the small screen and pointed to his smartphone.

  3. Jon Says:

    Where does this leave DS-IQ?

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