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Planar Simplicity Series

Portland, Oregon, Ore., Planar Systems Inc. [1], has introduced the Planar Simplicity Series line of large format LCD displays, offering a simple and stylish digital signage display solution at an affordable price.

planar_logo [2]Planar Simplicity Series full-featured digital signage displays combine a slim, professional design with content playback capabilities and a full range of commercial features. With builtin media playing, these displays lower the cost and complexity of deploying digital signage by eliminating the need for additional hardware.

Planar Simplicity Series displays are easy to install and allow users to create and display content using tools they already have – including videos, photography from cell phone cameras, stock photos and music libraries. The displays are considered ideal for use in retail stores, restaurants, medical offices, corporate meeting areas, museums and hospitality settings.

The symmetrical bezel on the Planar Simplicity Series offers an elegant form factor. Designed for digital signage applications in either landscape or portrait orientation, there is no distracting logo or uneven side bezel, which can look awkward, especially in portrait orientation.

At a depth of less than 1.7”, Planar Simplicity Series displays are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“The Planar Simplicity Series tackles the barriers that prevent businesses from deploying digital signage by making it easy and affordable to deploy a digital signage system,” says Becky Connors, product marketing manager at Planar Systems. “It’s a sleek, commercial-quality display that will hold the attention of any viewing audience.”

The Planar Simplicity Series offers the following benefits:

The Planar Simplicity Series is available now in 32” and 42” sizes through Planar’s global network of authorized resellers. Additional sizes will be available in early 2014.