Mood Media CEO Lorne Abony Has Been Fired

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Mood Media Corporation (ISIN: CA61534J1057) (TSX: MM) (LSE AIM: MM) announced today that its Board has appointed Steven Richards President and Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Mood Media said its Chairman and CEO Lorne Abony is stepping down from both positions to pursue other opportunities.

Philippe von Stauffenberg, non-executive Vice Chairman of the Board since July 2010, has been elected Chairman, also effective immediately.

Steve Richards has 29 years of experience in the Consumer/Business Services, Media, Technology, Communications and Business Process Outsourcing industries. Most recently he served as President of Mood Media and CEO of Muzak.

3 Responses to “Mood Media CEO Lorne Abony Has Been Fired”

  1. redundent Says:

    Underwater Boss…oh well. Tennis anyone?

  2. Snarknado Says:

    So a bonehead is replaced by the ex-CEO of Muzak. This won’t end well: new guy is there to sell the pieces and turn the lights off. He has experience with that.

  3. Chris Green Says:

    We should spare a thought for all the ‘good’ guys and girls who have worked in the many divisions and departments of this now some would say doomed organisation who, through no fault of their own, have gone about their daily business with professionalism and dedication but who will now find themselves potentially under threat of redundancy.

    It’s such an injustice that those that make a business great have no input into the practices undertaken by the megalomaniacs which effectively put their futures in doubt.

    Oh to be a Visionary … unfortunately, my common sense seems to get in the way!

    One thing is for sure – this will happen over and over again – and so has it been this way since the beginning of time!

    Let’s hope the new man can deliver some peace of mind for his new charges! A large proportion of them deserve that at least!

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