Posterscope Unveils Next Generation Mobile Offering

Maddie Cotterill

In response to the exponential growth of consumer interaction with outdoor media via mobile devices, Posterscope is launching a suite of innovative new services designed to optimise the efficiency, content and effectiveness of clients’ mobile OOH advertising campaigns.

posterscope logoAs part of moves to enhance its mobile proposition, the agency has also teamed up with market-leading contactless mobile commerce specialists, Proxama, to specifically bolster its capabilities in NFC and QR-driven campaigns.

Posterscope’s approach will enable real-time optimisation of mobile content and associated creative on digital OOH screens, as well as the option of conversion tracking. Project management services and specialist NFC application development will also be offered, as well as content production services for clients that require support in this area.

The partnership will use Proxama’s award winning TapPoint platform to deliver a unique real-time web-based reporting and content management solution that provides aggregated interaction data across all NFC or QR code-enabled OOH media inventory including clients’ owned media assets, such as in-store NFC promotions. Accessible to agencies and advertisers, this automated data collection and management system will improve the speed, accuracy and consistency of reporting. The platform will be integrated with Posterscope’s wider planning tools, and the combined data will be used to identify optimum locations for mobile interaction campaigns.

James Davies, chief strategy officer at Posterscope told us “Clients nowadays quite rightly expect OOH agencies to offer more real-time approaches, make better use of data and provide expertise across all aspects of the OOH ecosystem. By increasing our commitment to the building of integrated mobile and OOH experiences, Posterscope, in combination with the capabilities of our media and creative agency partners, will continue to create market-leading innovations that bring genuine value to both brands and consumers.”

Miles Quitmann, MD of Proxama, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Posterscope – this mobile engagement proposition is for the benefit of all in the OOH and ambient media markets. Mobile NFC technology is being deployed across the industry. Our TapPoint™ platform deploys rich, engaging mobile NFC content through a simple web front-end and anonymously collates and aggregates NFC usage data across media owners. This allows brands and agencies to report on the success of campaigns and to adjust them dynamically. This is a first for the industry. We hope other key players will join this exciting industry-wide initiative.”

These new services will be available globally but centred in the UK through Posterscope’s ‘Hyperspace’ innovations division.

strong>About Proxama

Proxama is a next generation NFC mobile commerce company that connects the physical and digital worlds. Its technology platforms enable consumers to use secure mobile wallets, receive offers, connect with brands and make payments through their NFC mobile phone.

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