Bob Michaels Named President And CEO Of ZeeVee

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

ZeeVee Inc., provider of high definition video distribution over coaxial cable to a wide variety of companies, institutions and multi-residence properties, and of HD/SD encoders and RF modulators, has promoted that smart guy Bob Michaels to the position of president and CEO.

Bob Michaels

Bob Michaels

Vic Odryna, former president and a founder of ZeeVee, has left the company to explore new horizons.

Michaels held the position of senior vice-president of worldwide sales for ZeeVee for the past year-and-a half, and earlier held the positions of CEO of Magenta Research and president of Digitalview DOOH.

“My plans include accelerated growth and expansion of the company,” says Michaels. “We just moved into the UK and eastern European markets in the last three-to-four months, so our aim is the grow these markets and make them profitable, as well as to continue the technological advances we are making – and to dominate the North American market in our field.”

2 Responses to “Bob Michaels Named President And CEO Of ZeeVee”

  1. Charles Ansley Says:

    Bob is an excellent choice!! He knows the overall DS as business as well as anyone. Also, he is a trusted business partner and a first-class gentleman.
    If anyone can create more value and grow ZeeVee, it will be Bob.
    Best of luck,

  2. Mark Says:

    Bob is a perfect fit. All round nice guy and he will deliver.

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