#dpaa2013 Rupert Day Talks Selling #DpbMedia

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Rupert Day started off this afternoon talking about the importance of content in relation to distribution.

“It’s hard to sell new; you have to sell better,” Day told the audience of the DPAA Summit – Video Everywhere when looking at digital place-based media. “You have to offer something fantastic to get the ad dollars.”

“We talk about execution, not strategy,” he said.

Other points he noted:

  • “It’s not the creative agency that makes the decisions.
  • “In terms of out-of-home, people have a different, more complex mind set. It’s important to sell in a much more granular way.”
  • “Advice what media operators should be doing: work together and open up distribution to a lot of networks. Look at day parts to get right content at the right time.”
  • “Make your industry attractive to get young people involved.”

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