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#dpaa2013 Activating Video Neutral Strategies

If location is the new ‘cookie’, can that be an opportunity for digital place-based media?

That’s one of the questions thrown out during an afternoon panel on activating video neutral strategies. Each of the speakers had a lot of good points but it would have been more interesting to hear them as individual speakers, because they each had interesting but sometimes conflicting points on data, programmatic buying, measurement, what is important when buying – and selling – that’s my issue with panels. Not enough time for learning, Ed.

The panel sounded as if it was going to just talk about TV and digital on-line, but finally digital place-based showed up. Some of the points we noted:

“Video should be measured in the same way no matter what media and we’re not there yet.”

“Each medium has its own environment. eg. TV is consumed at home. Digital place-based media is consumed outside.”it reminded us of an earlier speaker that mentioned that TV gets 70% of the ad dollars, yet 70% of people’s activities are out-of-home, Ed

“The performance of digital place-based media can’t be evaluated in the same way as other media.”

“GRPs are not the only measurement today.”

“Today, there’s lots of of data available on the consumer for targeting: region, zip code, gender, children, type of car, but planners, buyers, even sellers, don’t have access to all that data.”

“There are all sorts of complexities when buying digital that aren’t there when buying TV.”

“There’s a migration to video, but don’t assume it will be bought via programmatic buying.”

“With programmatic buying, you lose the nuances of the different media.”

“Place-based media is still too easy to cut from budgets.”

“I don’t think digital place-based media will ever be as important as mobile.”