Flunch Dynamic Menu Boards

Maddie Cotterill

Agape Restoration Group affiliate Flunch, a major player in the fast food market with 200 restaurants operating in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland and Russia has deployed a digital signage system provided by Barco dZine.

retail_flunch (3)

The restaurant chain was looking for a way to streamline its communication with hundreds of thousands of daily consumers, from the first glimpse of casual passers right up to the fast decision makers at the counters.

Flunch also wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere in its eating places with a good mix of practical information, music and video entertainment.

Content is centrally managed by an application that also links the stock level with the local displays – knowing that the position of the menu boards impacts selection by a consumer, the solution is designed to push products that have sufficient stock in local restaurants. An intelligent link with the backend pushes products with higher margins and influences the profitability of the local restaurants.

In all restaurants, the food chain has installed screens that broadcast a mix of product pictures, practical information and entertainment.


The Flunch TV displays located towards the passers by show a mix of sports entertainment, weather information and travel tips and an invitation ‘to combine a quick meal with a good time’.

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