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MediaCo Outdoor’s CityLive Touchscreen Network

Google, Vodafone and O2 have been confirmed as first brand advertisers for the launch of CityLive, MediaCo Outdoor and Manchester City Council’s highly-anticipated interactive network of 20 ultra premium digital touchscreens which are located in and around major volume pedestrian areas of Manchester city centre.

CityLive unit with touch FINAL [1]

These advertisers will be launching campaigns from CityLive’s launch week, 4th November 2013.

Each CityLive unit is fitted with multipoint touch functionality, built-in NFC, WiFi, HD cameras, high-quality directional audio, a live local news and weather data feed (aarrgh), city interactive wayfinding and MediaCo Outdoor’s CityLive Look facial detection system (based on Quividi [2]).

MediaCo Outdoor make much of their proprietary data and planning systems and its new dynamic trading and pricing model – which aims to incentivise advertisers and creative agencies to develop interactive campaigns of any duration, where brands can grasp outdoor advertising opportunities based on audience impressions across 250+ different audience types.

As part of the CityLive planning system, clients will also be able to access a suite of web-based planning and insight services:

CityLive will reach over 5.3 million adult impacts per 2 weeks across the streets of Manchester.