Not ‘New York Digital Signage Week’ Then?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In response to Lyle Bunn’s article ‘Media Week 2013 reflects appeal of digital signage, Pt. I’ (why is it that DigitalSignageToday is the only web site that gives him an outlet for this tripe) we have felt compelled to write an open letter…


I fail to see why you would position the week in NYC (where a number of events let you in for free) as ‘Media Week 2013’ when even an organisation that you purport to support (i.e. the DSF, who have in the past kindly given you a grace and favour webinar platform) has acknowledged the week as New York Digital Signage Week.

Is it too hard to get, at least, that bit of the story correct?

Perhaps you were upset that we would not let you into any of our events free of charge, if that is the case, perhaps I can understand what you are trying to do BUT what you are really doing is undermining the week as a whole – the DPAA, the DSF and every organisation like Titan, YCD, Prysm, NEC Display Solutions, Control Group, Barco, TPN, RMG Networks and others who went out of their way AND spent their own money to put something on for the benefit of themselves AND others.

All we see from you Lyle is a parasitic behaviour of jumping for free on events and this endless self-promotion. To be fair you are not the only pathetic consultant that does this but if you are to continue this behaviour (and no doubt you will until enough people see you for what you are, shout very loudly and order you to stop) then please have the good grace to acknowledge the week for what it was – New York Digital Signage Week.

New York Digital Signage Week was a damned fine example of what the industry can do when it pulls together.

2 Responses to “Not ‘New York Digital Signage Week’ Then?”

  1. Rosie Palmer Says:

    Tell us how you really feel, Adrian!

    Seems to me that he called it Media Week just to get under your skin, which he obviously did. And you were right to let your feelings known.

    The last sentence of your open letter is the most important. People need to understand how incredible an event can be when people work together to lift the whole industry, rather than viewing every conference, reception, meeting or chance encounter as an opportunity for self promotion. I guess we won’t be seeing Bunn Co ads on DailyDOOH any time soon!

  2. Duty Pedant Says:

    In terms of getting nomenclature correct is it not Lyle Bunn PhD. ? 🙂

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