Rocklin High School Video Scoreboard

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Rocklin High School, near Sacramento, Calif., is sporting a new state-of-the-art scoreboard with a digital video screen in its sports stadium, thanks to the involvement of the local business community and active parents of student athletes.


The 15’ x 35’ scoreboard was designed and installed by Hupp Signs & Lighting and includes a 9’ x 16’ digital sign manufactured by Watchfire Signs. The Watchfire XVS 19mm LED sign is designed for outdoor use featuring high-resolution images. It can display full-motion video at up to 60 frames per second and is being used to display live video during events.

The new sign is also energy efficient. Watchfire products carry Energy Efficiency Certification from Underwriters Laboratories’ UL-Environment group and were the first in the LED sign industry to receive the UL-E Green Leaf Mark. (Watchfire Signs partners with sign companies instead of bidding against them for projects.)

Rocklin High School is using the digital sign to generate advertising revenue for the school from sponsors, as well as to incorporate learning opportunities for students.

“We used to sell team sponsorships and recognize sponsors on banners in the stadium,” says Dave Stewart, assistant principal and athletic director at Rocklin High School. “Now, our sponsors get terrific exposure on the video board at all our home matches.”

Approximately 12 students from Rocklin’s media class are involved in providing content to the board.

“We have students in charge of four cameras at each game,” says Stewart. “They get hands-on experience learning to transition shots, providing slow motion replay and engaging the crowd.”

The idea for the new scoreboard was hatched after the old board shorted out in the middle of an important football game last season. Staff at the school decided they wanted their new scoreboard to have video capability and discussed how they could fund it. Parents of athletes got involved and approached different businesses to help, including Von Housen Mercedes-Benz auto dealership in Rocklin, which funded the project.

The new scoreboard is a big hit with athletes and fans. Administrators are looking at other ways to use the LED board to raise funds for athletic programs, including movie night and concerts at the stadium.

Rivals also have taken note. “We’ve noticed that a couple other schools have started renting digital boards to try to match ours,” says Stewart.

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