Tiling Samsung Screens for a Videowall?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We love the innovation here and getting a video wall into an airport (in this case the 3rd largest in India) is no mean feat. We also love the simplicity of the web site (it works well) BUT tiling consumer grade 40 inch Samsung LCDs, seems to be a waste of such nice screens and the ’tiling’ effect itself is a bit too obvious.

See http://www.vdowalls.com/

There is nothing in India to beat the VDO walls at the Cochin International Airport for its spectacular sophistication, hi-tech appeal and its ability to communicate far, far more effectively than any still-image format. Further, the moneyed and influential that the airport filters in is a rare collection that no conventional media can offer and is verily a media planner’s dream audience. Estimated to cross 3000,000 in 2008 it is an audience difficult to beat for its buying power & power to influence.

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