Jose’s Pro Wrestling Tag Team

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We don’t know (we didn’t ask ‘cos pretty much we don’t care) if 5th Screen Digital Services’ Keith Kelsen and John Curran are still working with AOpen to promote OpenService in North America BUT what is clear is that the dynamic duo are busy cozying up to Intel’s Jose Avalos (and telling everyone that they meet that they are ‘working with Intel’.

It’s surely stretching credibility that anyone (let alone the ‘digital signage man of the year 1908‘) should be pushing a decade old Windows platform as state-of-the-art for retailers.

Strange bedfellows indeed.

It’s likely considering that AOPEN has packaged the Intel Retail Client Manager software with some of AOPEN’s Digital Engine models and eTILE products as part of its OpenService offering.

2 Responses to “Jose’s Pro Wrestling Tag Team”

  1. Davey Boy Smith Says:

    No doubt Keith will encourage Jose to include scent dispersion capabilities (Smellevision) in the next release of RCM, which is rumored to include an upgrade to Windows 98. This would of course require a new edition of Keith’s book, incorporating a fascinating chapter entitled The Third Sense, which would cover the power of scent to engage riders of public transportation at the Point of Smell.

  2. Maradonna Says:

    Ah your bete noire the polyglot idiot from Intel brings a smile to many. He is a legend in his own lunchtime

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