Samsung Flooding The Channel With SPIFFs

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Samsung currently seem to be trying to flood the U.S. reseller channel with product by adding promotional dollars to every sale…

Samsung SPIFFS

It’s also very interesting how they seem to conveniently forget to mention any of their (so-called) System on a Chip software partners whilst focussing on their own offering.

3 Responses to “Samsung Flooding The Channel With SPIFFs”

  1. Get a Clue! Says:

    What’s your point, Adrian? Every display manufacturer offers SPIFFs and rebates.

  2. Odysseus Says:

    True, SPIFFs and rebates are common practice. But is it not noteworthy that the ED Series, which does not have SoC built in, is not being promoted? Could it be that SoC needs a little boost, since the software partners can’t move it? Or is it more sinister, wanting to get the Trojan Horse deployed so some real damage can be done to the ecosystem in due time?

  3. Technology Never Sleeps Says:

    Well you show only page #4 of the SPIFF program and also mention the ED series not being promoted which is incorrect might want to look at page #3 for SPIFF.

    If you do not have the link I have provided below.

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