British Airways #Lookup @ADigitalStorm

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This campaign for British Airways, planned and booked by Carat and Posterscope will run until Christmas Eve and sees the estimated 200 British Airways planes that fly over the Chiswick Towers every day (and one assumes, Piccadilly) trigger BA’s creative of a child pointing at the plane alongside live (and accurate) flight data. The media buy is allegedly structured purely around the frequency of the air traffic.

chiswick towers lookup

A weather feed reads the cloud height to ensure the plane is visible before showing the advert. The messaging of the creative will change depending on which plane is above the Towers, with the destination of the planes influencing what content is displayed.

The Chiswick Towers is part of Storm, Clear Channel UK’s portfolio of sites that offers advertisers digital screens, high quality audiences and a unique approach to trading. The portfolio will be further strengthened next month with the North London Towers on the North Circular at Brent Cross.

2 Responses to “British Airways #Lookup @ADigitalStorm”

  1. Planning Consent Says:

    Always a good idea to get motorists to stare up into the sky when in charge of fast moving vehicles.

  2. Chris Fulton Says:

    At drivers discretion what to look at.

    However really good use of tech rather than relying on creative to attract. Between know and the end of the campaign I bet more drivers will know BA’s destinations and probably “sadly” the flight number. How else could you get the travelling public so engaged?

    They could have added the on time status!

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