BlueFox Target Offers BlueFox Smart Signage

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

BlueFox is launching a new division, BlueFox Target, whose product, BlueFox Smart Signage was developed in association with Quividi,, Kiana Analytics and Fortinet.

guillaume2The new product aims to link the world of digital (web and mobile) outside the store and digital signage inside the store .

While new division BlueFox Target is controlled directly by Guillaume de La Tour, CEO of BlueFox who moved to the Silicon Valley from France last summer, the companies involved are all complementary that have worked towards a common goal of Bluefox Smart Signage.

Think of a solution to target audiences that involves big data, mobile, digital signage, Wi-fi, facial recognition and more. It recognizes whether you are a new visitor or returning. It recognizes your gender, approximate age – and what you have done before. And if someone is a member of a Loyalty program, with his/her opt-in solution, it can tie into Loyalty programs, and then give special offers.

It collects and aggregates the big data to have good targeted messages, dynamically adapting the content diffused on a screen to the audience and the strategies implemented. Nothing is recorded if people do not opt in.

“For those who don’t opt in, we do not care so much about who the individual is that is in front of the screen,” says de a Tour. “We just make statistics about the proportion of people in term of age, gender, look and movement inside the store.”

For an opt in individual, BlueFox Smart Signage collects the membership of the Loyalty program of a brand (or not); his/her purchase history; the history of his/her web consultation; products consulted on the web, and more.

“If the people opt in with a loyalty app for example, we can go into 1:1 communication and deliver special communication at the store aisle,” says de La Tour. “It is very important that this kind of communication is and stays non-intrusive. And the people are free to opt in or not, even when they have the loyalty app.

“We switch to a communication 1: 1 only if the client has previously opted in,” says de La Tour.

The data is gathered through a variety of devices: through a mobile tracking system via Wi–Fi; a retail store app; face detection and behavior based on cameras; statistics collected at the point of sale.

Based on the data collected and the strategy of the retail store (eg. inventory, promotions), the solution engages the most relevant message to the right people at the right time and immediately shows the return on the sale. The system is agnostic and interfaces with most content management systems for digital signage.

“I think that this is a new area for digital out-of-home and that this is a product that will help the whole industry,” says de La Tour.

The solution has two tests underway: one each in Canada and the U.S.. An expansion to other outlets in the United States is expected for Q1 2014.

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