Vision Media Group’s Iconic Pod

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


We have been given a sneak preview of Vision Media Group (formerly ScreenFX)’s Iconic Pod.

It’s for use indoors and is effectively a doubled sided 65″ Samsung screen in portrait mode (with all the ‘gubbins’ that allows it to work effectively in portrait mode) and has a playout engine in the base.

We have seen indoor units from the likes of Esprit Digital (and Remote Media has one now we believe) before – two differences here; the first is that this Pod features a touch screen information panel that can collate data and provide mapping guides to consumers AND VMG did all the design / collation / outsourcing work themselves and seem to have brought the unit in for a very, very reasonable price (by so doing).

Deployment will start shortly in VMG’s malls, replacing many of their existing Pods.

We have also seen a new style pod which we are told is an interim pilot device (not for general rollout) in their Fareham Shopping Centre.

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  1. Unabashed Opportunist Says:

    This setup looks suspiciously like the iPhone kiosk you see at each of the 1800 AT&T Mobility stores.

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