RMG Networks’ 2014 Customer Focus

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It used to be that Scala was the only vendor of sufficient size that could do an annual or biennial customer event and get 100+ people to turn up (witness the truly excellent Scala Partner events in North America and Europe since 2000).

These have included customer events both in North America and in Europe – we’ve truly enjoyed the past three events we’ve attended in Philadelphia, Amsterdam and Amsterdam (last year’s event was incredible) but what is much more important is what their customers take away from it – AND all would agree these are events well worth attending!

BroadSign have also, sensibly, started having their own Client Summits – witness last year’s inaugural (First) Annual Client Summit in Las Vegas during #dse2013, repeated this year at #dse2014 on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 (2nd Annual BroadSign Client Summit) as well as a European equivalent (held bizarrely around the disaster that was FESPE’s European Sign Expo).

It’s no surprise then that industry giant RMG Networks this year has big customer focussed events planned for March, April, May and June.

  • From what we hear, events in March will be associated with the opening of a North American Executive Briefing Centre (EBC) in their new headquarters in Dallas. The EBC is a posh solution oriented version of a ‘demo lab’ – basically it will be a showcase for customer executives to get updated on best practice and state of the art Visual Communications Solutions. Knowing Garry McGuire and Steve Nesbit as we do, March will see an ‘opening’ targeted at the media and industry consultants – allowing them to take a look around (and is likely something that consultants will not want to miss).
  • In April, rumour is that RMG are planning to get almost 200 customers together in Dallas for two days.
  • In May, we’ve been told of a Customer Council event which will take place at the Broadmoor Resort in the Colorado Mountains. This is aimed squarely at ensuring that RMG is receiving input from customers.
  • In June we’ve been told of an equivalent Customer Council event being held in the UK at Cliveden House for European customers and partners.

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