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Amscreen Web Site Finally Live

Amscreen’s web site is now more than just a shell and is well worth a look [1]. Since these folks started off, they have been busy selling and building their networks rather than worry about the fancy trappings of a corporate existence – one assumes they have business cards but we wouldn’t put that past Sir Alan Sugar – sell something first then you get a business card!

The web site has a few case studies; Pfizer, Boots and Sanofi Pasteur MSD have all advertised on one or other of their networks.

The services they are offering seem pretty comprehensive – ‘Create a digital signage network’ for example gives potential customers two options: –

  1. A network managed by us
    Allow us to set up and manage an Amscreen network in your store and we’ll deliver non-competing third party advertising content and share the advertising revenue with you.

    – Fully funded
    – Fully managed
    – Advertising revenue share
    – Self promotion

  2. A self-administered network
    Sell your new advertising medium to 3rd parties and create a new revenue stream for your business. Simply locate our screens in-store and deliver your media in real-time from any browser.

    – You’re in control
    – An extra source of income
    – Self promotion
    – Reduce costs

Amscreen of course offer two networks of their own at the moment; Amscreen Healthcare Network and a Football Advertising Network – the former being the EHM business bought out of administration [2] and the latter being the Powerleague business they won [3] in December 2008.

See http://www.amscreen.co.uk/ [1]

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1 Comment To "Amscreen Web Site Finally Live"

#1 Comment By Dan On 9 March 2009 @ 21:01 @917

I can vouch that they do have business cards.

Seem like a good set of people as well on first and second impressions.