The Green Audit At Screen Media Expo Europe

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A very simple question but a very important question – does the new generation of digital window display systems provide superior carbon performance?

The Green Audit, a project commissioned by Media Zest with sponsorship from Cisco and Panasonic is likely the first study to assess the carbon consumption of a new digital window display system, benchmarking it against the lifetime consumption of a traditional lightbox display solution.


The study is based on real data from the world of retail and other High Street window display and the first public exposure of findings and impacts will be presented at the DMiR Summit by Andrew McCall, Managing Director of ROI Team, and Geoff Robertson, Chief Executive of Media Zest plc (shown on the right).

Subject expert for the project was Dr Joyce Tsoi of Brunel University, one of the world’s leading academics in the world of carbon evaluation. Dr Tsoi has worked on programmes to evaluate and reduce carbon consumption for many major corporations in SE`Asia and USA.

This should be a really interesting presentation and just one of the sessions we are looking forward to at the DMiR summit.

2 Responses to “The Green Audit At Screen Media Expo Europe”

  1. Stuart Armstrong Says:


    As always your recent write up on Green is very topical, Digital Signage Association is in the process of organizing a task force to explore the potential efforts and leadership that it can bring to this important and far-reaching topic.

    As a member of DSA and a president of EnQii, I personally wanted to get more knowledgeable on the issues and potential solutions. As president of DSA I want to understand what the association can do to contribute the a mind-set that seriously considers issues such as energy conservation, light and noise population, manufacturing guidelines and standards, secondary markets to extend the usable life of the technology and proper disposal.

    I welcome any emails ( from folks who I should network with on this topic or recommendations of sources that would guide education on the topic?

    Many thanks,
    Stu Armstrong

  2. John E. Lilly Says:

    Is anyone aware of research comparing the carbon footprint of digital signs to signs made from paper, plastic or metal? THAT is what I’d really like to see.

    When considering social responsibility issues, we have to consider not only the energy consumption at the point of use, but throughout the entire production cycle.

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