Guide to Las Vegas Digital Signage by @BHenryDesign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Brian Henry, who is one of the Content Dream Team at our ‘Video Walls Unplugged‘ Thought Leadership Summit at #dse2014, has provided a list of some of the most interesting projects in Vegas, including not only some of his own but also other noteworthy digital displays.

He told Digital Signage Connection “Some are a few years old,” he says, “but still impressive.” – if you are heading to Lost Wages in a week or so’s time, even if you are a regular the list he has provided is well worth a read AND of course a visit if you have time!

Read it here.

Brian Henry

Brian Henry was born in Las Vegas in 1977. A lifelong artist, he began drawing as a toddler and went on to become a member of the first graduating class in the Visual Arts Program from award-winning magnet school the Las Vegas Academy of Performing and Visual Arts in 1995. At 17, he began his career in commercial design, hand rendering images for the iconic Silver Strike minted gaming tokens. Although quickly distinguished in the field of gaming graphics design, including imagery for popular games “Wheel of Gold” and “Flaming 7s,” Henry switched focus to interior signage in 1998.

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