#ISE2013 vs #ISE2014 Daily Twitter Totals

Andrew Neale

Last year’s ISE event in Amsterdam saw twitter traffic double compared to 2012 and the total impressions almost tripled – if you need reminding, our #ISE2013 Hashtag Analysis can be found here.

This year’s event has beaten all previous records – fuelled no doubt by good twitter discipline and strong online interest in the social media world.

The twitter targets from last year were as follows (with this year’s totals in brackets): –

2013-01-28 Mon 777 (this year 1267)
2013-01-29 Tue 1772 (this year 2597)
2013-01-30 Wed 1488 (this year 2229)
2013-01-31 Thu 1057 (this year 1682)

Our sister site aka.tv ran twitter traffic analysis for the hashtag #ISE2014.

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