Dior Goes Seamless BUT still uses a DVD Player

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

AV Interactive reported today that Handy AV have installed an (effective) 84 inch diagonal display (two x 42 inch as you will see below) in the Christian Dior concession area in Harrods, London.

It goes on to say that…

The boutique area, redesigned by Blyth Wyatt Budd, uses 42in seamless plasma screens to create the portrait-format display, which was installed by Handy AV.

The screen is continuously fed with content from a Denon DVD player using a Kramer HDMI distribution amplifer to link to each screen.

The screen’s in-built video scaler is configured using bespoke software to control the screens and produce a high resolution image. The software also acts as a scheduler, powering up and switching off the screen at the end of trading hours.

Victoria Bolton, Facilities Manager for Dior, couldn’t be happier. ‘Dior is extremely pleased with the impact that the seamless plasma system has had in the ready-to-wear boutique in Harrods. It adds another dimension to our space and is a successful part of the unique concept of Dior’s boutiques,’ she said.

We don’t quite understand the Denon DVD player bit at all but this is a good example of a branded fixture / concession installation that we believe we will see much more of in Retail in 2008.

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