#dse2014 ‘Winter is Coming’

Manolo Almagro, Weekly Columnist

wic If you are fan of the HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’ – you know the motto … “Winter is Coming”.

For those who don’t follow this show – the meaning relates to a seasonal metaphor where Summer is the time when things are good – but one must always be diligent and prepared for the season that comes next,  i.e. Winter. A time when things are different and more challenging.

As I look ahead to #dse2014 – I am cautiously optimistic. If the past 12 months I’ve spent with retailers and brands is any indication of what’s to come in our industry, its time for preparation;  Winter IS coming and Amazon is out innovating everyone –  so get ready for the most disruptive 18 months the industry has ever seen!

Here are the key retail trends that will impact Digital OOH in the next 12 months.

  • Mobile will continue to play the catalyst role in helping bridge the e-tailing + in-store experiences.
  • Consumers EXPECT their in-store experiences to be as intuitive and engaging as what they get from on-line.
  • Retailers MUST focus in areas that Amazon can’t compete (for now): local stores + number of retail locations.
  • Big Data is way too big to manage. Data needs to be parsed into ‘Smart’ data in order for it to be useful.
  • Showrooming behavior is the new normal. Retailers + brands that don’t embrace it will not succeed in the future.
  • Social feeds such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – are too far from the in-store experience to make an impact, new approaches and strategies for social media integration are needed.

As I wander through the show floor in the next few days, I will be looking out for solutions that address these trends. … remember, “Winter is Coming”

See you all at #dse2014 – send me a DM on Twitter if you want to meet up at the show, @manolo_almagro


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