Quick #dse2014 Observations

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

#dse2014 was certainly crowded and buzzing…

  • We noticed a lot of footfall between the convention centre and the Venetian as people made good use of the close by facilities of said hotel (coffee shops, restaurants, meeting rooms and of course St Mark’s Square).
  • Jeremy Gavin and his team at Screenfeed, who of course launched their company five years ago at DSE, had a great location at the side of the hall with what seemed liked 10 metres of displayed content and getting huge footfall from the passers by.
  • We felt, just anecdotally, that the Planar Systems and Scala stands seemed to be the busiest.
  • We loved the NFC demo that Ken Goldberg gave us on his Real Digital Media stand (go see it)
  • One trend (perhaps not a good one but open to debate), we noticed an increase in exhibitors using enclosed meeting rooms and at least three told us that they had reduced the size of their stands and had taken an additional meeting room off the show floor.

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