#dse2014 More Questions Than Answers…

Manolo Almagro, Weekly Columnist

As #dse2014 comes to a close, I am leaving Las Vegas with more questions than answers…

    • What is Intel’s grand play in the digital signage sector? Are they ‘Frenemies?’ (friend + enemies) for software and hardware providers? I’d rather see them focus on the (now dead) AIM suite than come up with things like the Magic Mirror. Someone needs to tell them that shoppers don’t really like having cameras pointed at them in dressing rooms
    • What’s the future for NFC vs. Beacons vs. Sonic Triggers? I think time and testing will tell us. Will shoppers take to being constantly beamed messages while they shop? How will the apps work? – honestly, this is the year for people to test and learn. The big question on my mind is when will the QR code die – please … just die…
    • Do we really need giant curved screens? – well, I know we need BIG screens, but curved? Are the display manufacturers simply showing off that they can bend things?

DSE2014 LG 105 Curved UHDTV

  • Why put a flat panel in a vending machine? Don’t get me wrong, I think the BroadSign platform is ready for prime time, but why would we need to put a flat panel inside a vending machine? It seems really expensive to show digital representations of what’s inside the vending machine versus well, err, just showing what’s inside the vending machine.
  • Why were there seemingly more agencies in attendance than previous years?
  • Seriously, are there a lot of decision makers that attend this event?
  • Innovations Labs vs Walking the floor. As more and more agencies, brands and companies build up their own innovations labs. How will DSE maintain its relevance?

Overall, I would say that this show was on-par with previous events in terms of conference session topics and exhibitors BUT from an innovations perspective I’ll cast my vote for status quo.

It was all more evolutionary than game changing.

3 Responses to “#dse2014 More Questions Than Answers…”

  1. Jeff Jones Says:

    Interesting tidbit about the increased presence of agencies. We are seeing that our customers at digbil don’t necessarily have the expertise or resources to design attention grabbing digital signage content.

  2. Chuck Billups Says:

    Based on what you say, do you think you feel the need to go back?

  3. Manolo Almagro Says:

    Hi Chuck – that’s a good question and I ask myself that after every DSE. From my POV, by the time DSE rolls around in FEB, I’ve already attended things like CES and NRF which means alot of what I see in Vegas, I may have already run across in January. Also- my agency is one of the ones that has its own innovations labs too – so I have to be honest and say – I’m on the fence. While the sessions have some interesting topics, its not often that relevant to me. On a personal note, I like to attend to see my old friends – see what companies are left, and who show up. – I bet exhibitors have a tough time with this decision too – if they don’t participate, then people speculate that their company is in “trouble” – but if they do – what exactly are they getting? In my humble opinion, companies don’t send many of their decision makers to this show. vs- folks coming in to get intel and research.

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