Carré Dawson-Bistline Joins Delphi Display Systems

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Carré Dawson-Bistline has joined Delphi Display Systems to lead the sales effort in the Petroleum Retail and C-Store space.

IFDawson-Bistline, with 15 years of digital media experience, has focused on multi-faceted, large-scaled retail solutions.

Her early adaption in this space coupled with her extensive retail background connected her with such clients as: Best Buy, Costco, BP, ACE Hardware, PETCO and 7-Eleven.

She will work with ad networks and operators of Petroleum Retail/C-store locations to provide customer engagement solutions for pump top video and in-store digital signage.

Prior to Delphi, Dawson-Bistline worked with the mergers and acquisitions group at Harris Broadcast Corporation on deal analysis to bring consultative assistance to her clientele with complex requirements. Prior to Harris, she provided consultant services with numerous clients, including PETCO, CIE (Mexico), EWI (AT&T) and Direct Edge Digital. Her work has ranged from Digital Signage 101 sessions to planning and fully developing and executing digital signage applications with endemic advertisers and customized content. She has had a multi-faceted customer- facing approach which is beyond traditional and in-store media and includes interactive connections, mobile and social media.

Dawson-Bistline is also a founding Digital Signage Federation Board Member.

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