Heads Roll At Convergent Media

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

There seems to have been something of a bloodbath at Convergent Media these past few days. Allegedly Bryan Allen who had been with Convergent for almost 30 years (including the past eight as CEO) has been let go.

Greg Bloodworth (VP of Operations) and Rob Harwood (formerly VP of IT) have also allegedly been axed by new owners Ballantyne Strong, Inc. (AMEX: BTN).

Ballantyne Strong, Inc. acquired Convergent Media in October 2013.

2 Responses to “Heads Roll At Convergent Media”

  1. Mary Kokoszka Says:

    I believe the statement “bloodbath” is a bit extreme. Keep in mind, Convergent remains integral to many of the companies who rely on them for software and hardware support. When a company is purchased, as was the case with Convergent, it isn’t uncommon to eliminate duplicate positions.

    Convergent remains an industry leader among the DOOH companies. The products and services it offers are unaffected by the recent change of events.

  2. OffWithTheirHeads Says:

    If a head rolls, there is blood and if THREE heads at the top of a company get chopped they’d surely fill a bath No?

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