Scala Install Expansion At Tesco Off-License Stores

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We’ve learned that the Scala Inc. interactive digital signage solution at the Tesco Off-License stores in the UK that was awarded awarded Reggie at The DailyDOOH Gala Awards in November 2013 for ‘Best Overall Retail Experience” is currently being expanded with a 100-store roll-out.

IPD Digital Media pick up their award

IPC Digital Media pick up their award

When the award was given, there was only one store involved. This winning signage solution that engages shoppers is now found in six stores of Tesco, the largest retailer in the UK.

The digital signage involves eight screens divided into three sections and involves an interactive ‘lift and learn’ whisky unit to demonstrate to customers the differences between various whisky products. Tesco has since expanded this interactive Intertouch whiskey unit to display wine and champagne.

All this was created with a digital management service which would be created, updated and managed from one location.

Using Scala to deploy the solution, IPC Digital Media supplied and fitted unique stretched LCD screens that were custom installed into the shelving fixture at customer eye level. The use of eye-level motion graphics coupled with low-level audio created maximum impact and truly interacts with and engages with the customer, through the Scala digital signage engine.

Scala was also used to design templates for temporary offers in both portrait and landscape format. IPC created the motion graphics in house in full HD and then deployed this content over multiple screens. Content is created to coincide with other elements in store, including bottled products and other marketing collateral.

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