Next Generation LevelVision Floor Screens

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

LevelVision of course currently operate the LevelVision: College video network in over 300 college bookstores across the U.S., delivering something like 15 million audience experiences per month according to Arbitron, Inc. research.

LevelVision has also deployed floor and countertop screens to the grocery, c-store and nightclub venue categories.


Here we see their next generation of 42 inch, 16:9 floor based video screens available later in the year.

LevelVision President and CEO Bob Martin told us “Our first-generation video screens have erased any doubt that ‘the floor’ is a uniquely impactful and effective audience intercept for digital signage messaging”

Despite the increased size of the display, the new floor screen remains just over one inch tall and features a thin, state-of the-art backlight – they seem to have an 80% larger viewable area within a 25% larger floor footprint than the current screens.

These new floor screens are movable, rugged and easy to use and are built to withstand foot traffic, typical retail machinery, and even dancing.

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