How Much Ad Revenue Can Be Generated From a Stadium Digital Signage Network?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If Pratt knows the answer to this question ‘A Determination of the Revenue Potential from Digital Screen Advertising at a Major League Baseball Stadium?‘ we will eat our (collective) hat.

We have to say it’s a strange way to do business when a ‘research institute’ has to email blast the entire digital signage industry asking for money (err sponsorship) before publishing a, we quote “detailed 70+ page report that specifically outlines the advertising revenue that can be realized from installing a digital signage network at a MLB stadium“.

We also hear the ‘fellow’ in question is in Europe this week, touting a ‘retail lead’ to anyone who will listen. As he is best friends with Jose at Intel, we don’t quite understand why he’s not giving it to them (but then again).

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