Winners of 2008 DIGI Awards Announced

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Winners of the fourth annual 2008 DIGI Awards put together by The Digital Signage Group, a specialty digital signage distributor have been announced.

We like the idea of the awards (a lot) which are designed to honor excellence in the digital signage industry but unfortunately like the UK’s AV Interactive Awards that we commented on last year we have a hard time figuring out exactly how SOME of the winners were arrived at – JUST SOME not ALL before everyone starts shouting (please you read the list below and make your own mind up)…

  • Retail Application, Local Campaign
    • John Ryan Performance, Inc. for PNC Bank
  • Retail Application, National Campaign
    • Stratacache for AT&T Experience Stores
  • Retail Application, Interactive/Tracking
    • MTI-Andrews for Verizon Stores
  • Corporate Application, Excellence in Creativity
    • Telecine Multimedia for Bloomberg Wintergarden Display
  • Corporate Application, Excellence in Technology
    • John Ryan Performance, Inc for Toyota Financial Services
  • Healthcare Application Excellence in Creativity
    • IMS Audio Visual, Inc for Health Advocate
  • Healthcare Application, Excellence in Technology
    • EnQii US, Digital View Media for TSN’s WHEN (Wellness Health Education Network)
  • Education Application, Excellence in Technology
    • The Whitlock Group for Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Entertainment, Excellence in Creativity
    • Pro Display for Landmark Theaters
  • Entertainment, Excellence in Technology
    • C-Nario for The O2 Arena

Anyway, our congratulations to all the winners.

BTW. We wonder if anyone on the judging panel can tell us where in the world the O2 Arena is and what it was called previously (without using Google or Wikipedia)? We doubt if many folks in our industry would have seen or heard of the installation (and we are not saying that it is a bad one BUT we live here and we don’t figure it as especially all that exciting)

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