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121VIEW’s InterFace Viewer Validation tool


Our researchers have already seen this – on the opening day of the ISE show (i.e. today) but booth K134 (located between halls 1 and 6) is the first place that I personally will be heading for as I step off the plane on Wednesday to see 121VIEW’s InterFace Viewer Validation tool.

As I know the Quividi and the Trumedia systems very well I am keen to see how this product compares and then of course, next week take a look also at the Spanish WuTuTu system.

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2 Comments To "121VIEW’s InterFace Viewer Validation tool"

#1 Comment By Patt On 30 January 2008 @ 11:51 @535

Only 3.3m of depth range? I think it isn’t enough! Wututu (10m) or TruMedia (6m) are better solutions. I’ve contact with Wututu and i’m very impress with his solutions and with his professionalism

#2 Comment By Adrian J Cotterill On 30 January 2008 @ 12:35 @566

Agreed. Having taken a close look at it (no pun intended!!!) at ISE, we would say that a 3.3 meter range is very limiting. We haven’t seen the Wututu solution to see whether their 10 meter claim is accurate. Trumedia of course have a mega pixel camera solution that offers true 10 meters